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let’s play a game called “is it lee bom yi or choi sooyoung?”

(MEIPAI) 140921 Tao: Beginning in May and up till now, if there hadn’t been for our EXO fans and the staff members who worked hard for us behind the scenes, the concert might not have turned out so perfect, finally my 10 members of EXO, thank you so much and I love you. Be happy and complete whatever it is that you want to do~ that is my biggest wish. EXO-L jjang! You’re the best. TAO.

jb: what are you doing?
js: being cute!


140921 Tao’s meipai update with Sehun

#HappyHyoloDay ♡



because it’s ACE

[14.09.22] Happy Birthday Omma…… Park Jinyoung!!! 


Tiffany reacts to seeing herself on the Gee MV